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d. i. richardson

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d. i. richardson was born in September 1995 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He started writing seriously at the age of 18, posting his first works on the writing and reading website Wattpad. His writing has focused on love, loss, living, and learning. He prefers not to define himself in one genre as he has plans to explore and write many, ranging from YA/NA romance to horror/thriller, and cyberpunk.

Richardson began writing as early as he remembers. Even as a young child, words moved him in ways other art didn't. He wrote his first real piece of writing when he was nine, a short story for a Halloween writing assignment in his grade five class. Since then, he hasn't looked back. Writing has been what he's wanted to do. Through his early teenage years, he wrote short stories, attempted and failed many novels, wrote poems, and created two separate comic series with friends. All of this led to an eventual turning point where Richardson turned his focus on novel writing as a more serious medium.

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untitled project

coming soon...

Stay tuned. More information about future projects is one the way!!!

Coming soon...
A Nursery Rhyme for Trees cover.jpg
A Nursery Rhyme for Trees

1 December 2022

This book tells the story of a guy and a girl trying to not to fall in love with each other over Christmas-time in their small northern Canadian town where the Northern Lights dance and illuminate the sky.

Coming soon...
A Cabbage Named Fred

6 January 2020

This book tells the story of Dee, a young writer much like where D. I. Richardson was at 18, but at 16. The idea of the story was inspired by movies like Holes and Camp Rock. It was also heavily inspired by the music of Blankts, Tülpa, and Izzard. 

The Colours Betwixt

2 January 2017

Edwin Flowers is a young painter and college student who has to cope with love and life. All he wants is to lead a happy life with his friends and the girl of his dreams, Fiona. But what life gives, life can taketh away. And Edwin will have to come to terms with that if he is ever to have a happy life after all.

"I love you, Edwin. I love you so much You are my light, my stars, my fresh pot of coffee. I love you."


21 August 2015

What would you do with a few days, a stranger, and a snowed-in mall? Spencer didn't know that falling asleep in a dressing room would have such a drastic effect on her Christmas plans. Evan didn't know that the boiler room door locked behind him when he ran through it to get away from a few jerks. Neither of them planned for any of this to happen, and with a freak blizzard locking them inside a mall with no power, well, you may as well make the best of it.


6 April 2016

Jacob Thomas is your average, broke college student. Then he meets Elena, a girl with quite a bit of baggage. She's running from an abusive relationship and Jacob agrees to help her out. Jacob falls out of security and quickly falls for Elena. He fights to keep his life together, but in the end, will she fall for him or leave him with nothing to show for his struggles?


12 September 2016

D. I. Richardson's direct sequel to his first published novel.

Happy New Year, or so that's what they say. But with a new year, comes new problems for Spencer and Evan. Spencer has a past that's left her slightly traumatized to the idea of getting close and intimate with Evan, and that puts strain on her end of the relationship. Evan isn't all peachy either.  Not every story has a happy ending, and they both know that.

Pink Like the Sky,
Blue Like the Sea

11 July 2016

Julie Faulkner is an artistically gifted 19-year-old girl. And she’s finally been accepted to her dream school. After her home caught fire in the middle of the night and she lost everything, the new start s exactly what she needs. Julie feels out of place at Linmarsh Academy. She has no real friends in Freetown either. And then she meets Sylvia, a rebel with a cause as she calls herself. And that’s when things change for the better, well, at least at first.

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