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Walter Samuel

Walter Samuel, Ph.D (D for Dumbass), is obviously not a real doctor, nor does he know anything about the world. But it's fun to watch him try to pretend like he does.

Big World,
Bigger Booties

27 November 2015

The man, the myth, the legend: Walter Samuel. He takes us in depth on how to get the first date, how to prepare for the future dates, and so much more in this handy handbook.

This book is the companion to the student short film Dating w/ Dr. Walter Samuel, the brainchild of Ian Sookram, Darren Richardson, Philip McCabe, and the legend who portrayed Walter on screen: Summit Sammy Palta.

Dating w/ Walter Samuel: a short film

Bigger World,
Biggest Booties

to be determined, maybe...

That's right. Walter Samuel is coming back with a righteous new book to help you both keep a relationship but also prepare for its eventual demise.

This handbook will touch on long-term problems, love, her hot sister, her hot brother, and "when the sex gets bad."

Coming soon...
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