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d. i. richardson

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D. I. Richardson's real name is Darren. He started writing seriously at the age of 18, posting his first works on the writing and reading website Wattpad. For more information, visit his author page.

j. hudson

J. Hudson is a poet, a writer, a lover, a human being. He started writing poetry in 2014 at the age of 19. Since then, he has found poetry to be an outlet for emotions that would otherwise have led him down a darker path. Poetry and writing has saved his sanity, in a sense. He began working on his debut collection circles in 2017 and hopes to have it completed in 2018 and ready for purchase.

Walter Samuel

Walter Samuel, Ph.D (D for Dumbass), is obviously not a real doctor, nor does he know anything about the world. But it's fun to watch him try to pretend like he does.

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