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A Cabbage Named Fred - cover 1, low qual
A Cabbage Named Fred

6 January 2020

This book tells the story of Dee, a young writer much like where D. I. Richardson was at 18, but at 16. The idea of the story was inspired by movies like Holes and Camp Rock. It was also heavily inspired by the music of Blankts, Tülpa, and Izzard. 


He's a young, aspiring writer. She's a young, aspiring poet. They are both romantics. Dalton "Dee" Richardson thought writing camp would suck. He only agreed to go se he wouldn't have to sit through senior year English class. Dee's outlook about the camp changes when he meets Jasmine Hudson, a beautiful poet. But they both know that the summer will end... And when it does, will they be in love? Or will whatever they are end with the summer?


Paperback: 245 pages

Word Count: 67,000

Genre: Young adult, contemporary romance

Publisher: Independently published, KDP

Publish Date: 6 January 2020

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-70-078138-3

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