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The Ones We Lost to the Liminal Spaces

Fall 2021

Ethan and Grant are urban explorers. One night, they decide to take Ethan's date, Sara, on an exploration trip. When she vanishes seemingly into thin air, the boys follow her trail through a mysterious hallway and a weird door, soon arriving in the town of Lostvale.

They quickly find out they've arrived in an alternate dimension, the Liminal Dimension, full of haunting creatures and a mysterious group of people called the Higher Power who control the realm and have sealed all exits back to reality.

Ethan and Grant must now find Sara, find the Key and the Compass, unseal the exits to escape, and not lose their sanity in the process. With every step they take, those in power begin to pay more attention to the outsiders seeking to dismantle their rule over the realm.


Paperback: 360+ pages estimated

Word count: 105,000+ estimated

Genre: Fantasy / Horror

Publisher: Independently published, KDP

Language: English

ISBN-13: n/a

Currently around 80% completion.

Estimated publish date: Summer 2022

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