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Welcome to the New Stock Market

I’m sure everybody is aware of the “Reddit Short Squeeze” on $AMC, $GME, $NOK, and $BB. Driving prices up to essentially fuck hedge funds billionaires over and to rake in profits on top of that. It’s having your cake and eating it.

This is the new stock market game, baby. Everyday people hopping onto phone apps to buy stocks and options. We have more information at our fingers than we know how to process and we can band together to perform short squeezes, as this has shown. The subreddit in question involved in all of this is Wall Street Bets, which has gained millions of new subscribers over the course of this squeeze.

As of January 29th, it is still an ongoing squeeze, not fully squoze, as they say. There's no telling what the morning of Monday, February 1 holds as of right now.

I’d allege that, behind the scenes, these hedge fund managers are trying to pull out all tricks to force the price up as they’re losing millions of dollars on their shorts on these stocks. It’s a real bears vs bulls moment, a David vs Goliath moment. This panic on the end of the hedge funds have resulted in retail investors shutting down their trades on this stocks. There’s even a class action lawsuit being filed by Robinhood users because of this, with a lot of people unable to buy into or back out of their positions and losing money as a result anyway. It’s a whole mess. Robinhood is meant to keep the money safe, not provide risk mitigation or manage the money itself.

For decades now, the ultra-rich have told people to invest in the stock market. This whole situation makes it very, very clear why they wanted you to invest in stocks: they wanted to steal your money by having you hand it to them. These massive hedge funds can essentially manipulate the market more than any one single shareholder can, and thus, they control the winners and losers in the market. Now that they’re getting a taste of what losing on stock trades is like, they’re crying wolf and trying to unplug and “restructure” the market.

Of course, these stocks aren't "good," but this proves that a good stock is subjective. If enough people say they like it and buy it, the price goes to the stars regardless.

So, hey, hedge fund, babies, stop being sore losers. This is the new stock market, where the working class can band together to manipulate the market right back at you.

To the moon! Hold the line, my diamond-handed friends.


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Have a good wander, friend.

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