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Update: November 2021

Happy November, everyone. This month is National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, which is sort of like a yearly writer's contest (is contest really the right word?) that throws down a gauntlet for writers to write an entire first draft in a month. So I assume all of us in the community will be busy this month with either writing or supporting those who are writing.


I have decided to try to get through NaNoWriMo this year. I've been plotting a loose story for a short novel (45-50k words) to work on through this month. I've set my word goal at around 48,000 words for the month. I'll about the project more as the month goes on! As of writing this right now the morning of November 1, I am sitting at 2,071/48,000 words for the project. Off to a good start, so I hope I can keep that going.

Halloween!? What's next?

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Time now for the change into the winter holiday season. (Happy early American Thanksgiving, Americans.) I didn't end up writing any spooky stuff for Halloween this year (tragic, I know), but there's always next year. Maybe I'll write a hot chocolate romance for the winter season, who knows.

Other Stuff

Still making progress in editing. Not really much to say. Editing is tedious and boring, I'm sure you all know that though.

Anyway, until next time. Love y'all. Stay warm this month.


Word Goal: 5,000 words.

Writing Total from October: 3,491 words.

This Month's Word Goal: 48,000 words.


See you next time.

Have a good wander, friend.

— d.i.richardson

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