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Update: July 2021

Happy one year everyone! I started this blog a year ago. Haven't done as much as I would have liked with it, but that's okay, that's life, and sometimes life just gets in the way, but here we still are, slowly moving along.


I'm not doing much writing right now, here's why:


I'm still working through edits and rewriting portions of The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back and it's (sort of) sequel project. The idea for this story is to have a three-part series that form a paranormal, surreal fantasy-esque tale. I think it's working so far. I've written and the second entry and now I'm going to edit the first two to start writing the third and final part of the story. Each story is also a healthy 100k words or more. Lots of content coming soon!

Circles vol. 1 still coming soon too! Just slower than I wanted at first with editing. That's okay. It's on it's way! Promise.

The Sad News

I've been working on a project called Little Midnight that I've had sitting finished for a few months while I wrote The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back and when I went back in to edit and rework it, I've found myself in a pit of despair. My heart is no longer with the story like it was at the time of writing and it makes me feel like the story is now trash, no matter how much I tell myself otherwise, and so for the time being, the project is shelved.

The story was meant to chronicle the lives of three friends as they begin a summer band project. It was also designed to be a very busy story, full of life, with the main characters sort of bouncing around. And it achieved that chaotic feel I was going for, but then I stopped wanting to work on it. It's a big project, currently sitting at 62 chapters and over 150k words, so I think the size is also an obstacle for me to overcome when editing this project.

But yeah, for now, it's on the shelf. Maybe next year or the year after. Maybe I'll stoke the fire again and get around to reworking it.


Word Goal: 5,000 words.

Writing Total from June: 1,604 words.

Next Month's Word Goal: 5,000 words.


See you next time.

Have a good wander, friend.

— d.i.richardson

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