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Update: December 2020

Oh. Here we are, another update post. Amazing how fast the time just files when you're busy doing literally nothing but procrastinating.


I didn't really participate as much as I wanted to in this. I decided to not bother with starting a new project, instead opting to focus in on my current dark fantasy WIP instead. That said, I still didn't reach 50k words. Oh well. I don't usually actively participate in NaNo because I really don't like setting aside WIPs or waiting to start them for a certain month.

Maybe some year NaNo will align with my new WIP cycle. There's always next year.

Dark Fantasy (2021), Current WIP

Work has been steady on this front! I've been chipping away at this book. As of the evening of November 30th, this book is at 86k words out of 97k-ish. It'll be finished in December and then I can move on to bigger and better things, like editing those other two manuscripts I have sitting around and collecting dust in my Books folder. Oops.

This story follows Ethan and Grant as they delve into the liminal dimension to assist a certain someone in freeing the lost souls that inhabit the realm. It's got some creepy parts and action parts (even a little necromancy if that's your thing).

Looking Forward

Time to not bullshit this any longer. I have to really hunker down and get to editing manuscripts. I will have 350,000 words or so to edit once I finished my current dark fantasy WIP. So I need to really force myself into editing those before I continue to write more novels.

That said, I do have my next 2-3 projects completely laid out. They won't be the fantasy ones I've been working on earlier this year, as those need more time to mature. Instead, I'm going to write a more surreal literary fiction style novel as well as a sci-fi novel set after a dust storm ravages the world. Should be fun in 2021.

Word Goal: 60,000 words.

Writing Total from November: 28,599 words.

Next Month's Word Goal: 10,000 words.

See you next time.

Have a good wander, friend.

— d.i.richardson

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