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Update: August 2021

Umm, where did this month go? I swear, I woke up on July 1st, blinked, and it was already July 31st.


I haven't really been up to much writing lately, but that's mostly because I've been busy with work and setting myself up for school in the fall. I do have a lot of new, fresh ideas cooking up though. I'll be more excited to share those with you when they've been fleshed out properly.


I'm still working through edits and rewriting portions of The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back. It's been a bit tough this past month to get into the headspace again to edit this story, but I'm still working on it piece by piece. It'll finish eventually.

Personal Stuff

As I mentioned, I'm getting ready to go back and do the school thing in the fall, so my mind has been stressing about that lately, as one does. Work has been weird this past month too. I've just been kind of vibing, enjoying the ride for a little while. Looking back at a year ago from this month, I was in a whirlwind of writing, so I think I've been self-defeating about that as well since I've felt bummed out that I haven't recaptured that spark yet.

Important News!!!

This is unrelated to me entirely because it's actually news about a friend! Fellow twitter user and author Allison Krebel has recently launched a little blog of her own called Little Book Blog of Horrors. I've been telling her to start on for ages, and it's finally here, and it's spectacular. I would recommend you give it a look. She lives for the creepy, spooky, liminal, "Alice in Wonderland" types of horror.

That's all for now. Hopefully there will be even more to report for next month's update. Looking forward, I've got a busy plate. Hope you all stay busy too, but not too busy of course. Remember to drink water and get plenty of rest.


Word Goal: 5,000 words.

Writing Total from July: 75 words.

Next Month's Word Goal: 5,000 words.


See you next time.

Have a good wander, friend.

— d.i.richardson

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