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Updated: Jan 8

Check here for updates regarding d. i. richardson's publication schedule amidst the COVD-19 pandemic as well during the reopening stages.

8 January 2021, 4:00pm EST

Situation remains the same. Gonna try to test my luck soon ordering proofs. Can't just be sitting around with my thumb up my ass waiting for the border situation to lift because it likely won't get any better until later this year in the fall when they've rolled out much more vaccine dosages. What a mess these last 10 months have been.

30 September 2020, 5:00am EST

There seems to be no end in sight for the US-Canada border situation, which I believe is what's causing the issues with sending proofs across. I'm not too pressed. They get here after a month or so. Because of this, I'm trying to hold off on ordering proofs until I can get more than one project at a time ordered, just so that I can maximize my proofing process, and that just means I get to backlog my publication schedule, which is sort of nice... I guess.

Gotta stay positive though! With cases rising here, we'll likely be heading back to a lockdown soon too. Yikes. What a mess this year has been.

14 August 2020, 12:30am EST

Haven't bothered to get into the proofing stage with all that's going on. With the end of lockdowns here, I've been back to work anyway, so proofing hasn't been a priority. I'm moving the release of any and all books until at least 2021. Ideally, I will have The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back ready and available in January, following by Little Midnight in May. Here's to hoping, anyway.

1 August 2020, 1:10pm EST

Shipping from the states is still a mess in Canada. Items are being held in backlogs. My girlfriend's had a package stuck in the states for weeks as well as a return that is also being move painfully slow.

None of this makes me confident that the situation is going to get better any sooner. I've read the KDP has a printing thing in Canada though, so I might try to look into what's going on and see if I can get proof copies of my book anyway/

22 July 2020, 10:25pm EST

As of today, the 22nd of July, I am pushing the release of The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back into late fall. Unsure of when I'll be able to figure out my editing, work, school, and proofing situations and schedules with life being so hectic all of a sudden.

Little Midnight is likely to be pushed back further than I would like by all of this as well. I was aiming for spring 2021, but it might be summer 2021. Only a few months, but still not when I would have hoped for it to be done and ready for sale. That's okay. This entire situation is unprecedented. Hopefully, things will be back to somewhat normal soon. Hopefully. Hope all of you are well.

16 July 2020, 10:35pm EST

It's midway through July as I start this update. Why I'm updating this now is that I've come across a snag in the publishing process for my upcoming book due out this Fall 2020. As a self-publishing, independent writer, I publish through Amazon's KDP service as do many other authors.

Why is this a problem? Well, Amazon has had trouble with fulfilment for Canadian authors on their proofing copies. I would not feel comfortable bringing a book into the world without being able to first proof and correct any cover and physical mistakes (page layout and margins, et cetera).

That's why, effective immediately, I have paused all plans for publications until I can be sure that I can proof my books correctly. I will continue to write and revise my work, compiling a backlog of publishable works until such a time arises that I may resume publishing my books. I'm excited to continue sharing stories with you.

Books affected by this pushback will likely be:

  • The Ones Who Went and Never Came Back

  • Little Midnight Part I

  • the unpublished poetry of maggie matthews

Pre-July 2020

I'm lucky to say I live in a country where the government supported workers who lost income through the pandemic. I work as cook while I work through schooling and as such lost my job during the COVID-19 pandemic due to Canada's shutdown. I'm lucky to have not suffered financial woes during this time and to have been able to focus more on writing and networking within the community. Most importantly, I am thankful nobody I know in my friends and family contracted the virus as of yet and pray that it stays the case as new cases reported in Canada begin to dwindle down to the low 200s and lower.

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