Little Midnight

May 2021

Content Warnings:

Eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, substance abuse, language

Erica, Maggie, and Megan are close. They party and work together and decide one night that they want to start a band.


Erica is a struggling, aspiring writer, and through writing music, she rekindles her lost spark. And to top it off, she hits things off with a music manager for up-and-coming acts. Adam is by all counts a good and genuine man, much to the ire of her friends as they think she is either using him or forgetting about the band.


When everything is coming together and life is too good to be true, that’s usually because it is. Her on-again, off-again flame, Jonah, always pops up at the wrong times and Erica can seemingly never say no him and neither can he to her. It's also unfortunate that Jonah can directly help their band by producing for them, which complicates Erica and Adam's blossoming relationship.


Can the trio rise above their vices and be the stars they set out to become? Or will it all crumble around them? Or will something entirely different be the result if their band falters?


Paperback: 400 pages

Word count: 150,000

Genre: NA Contemporary / Literary

Publisher: Independently published, KDP

Language: English

ISBN-13: n/a

Currently around 90% completion.

Estimated publish date: Winter 2021



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