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circles vol.1 - 5x8 cover.jpg
Coming soon...
circles vol. 1

Spring 2021

A poetic retelling of my life circa 2017–2020.

This is a monument to all the passing moons that never lit my lonely nights. But perhaps in the morning, the sun will warm our bones. Bare words on bare pages; I present my heart for you.


This collection started as some kind of cathartic respite from the world at large. Working through early adulthood makes you feel a lot of different ways, so I figured I would try to encapsulate some of those here in this collection, touching on a lot of love and loss with a hint of wanton self-destruction.

As far as efforts go, I think it's amateur outing. There's some noticeable betterment between the opening section and the closing section as well though, so maybe less a collection of poems and more a journal through the mind of an artist? Maybe it doesn't need a definition.

Release date should be at some point in summer 2021, perhaps August, but that's yet to be confirmed. Check back for pre-order status and more info. Thanks. Love you all.

Paperback: 200+ pages

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Independently published, KDP

Publish Date: Summer 2021, tentatively

Language: English


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